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2015 International Codes Designer Collection contains:






2015 International Building Code


Featuring the very latest industry standards in material design, the 2015 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE version offers up-to-date, comprehensive insight into the regulations surrounding the design and installation of building systems. The 2015 IBC provides valuable structural, fire-, and life- safety provisions that cover means of egress, interior finish requirements, roofs, seismic engineering, innovative construction technology, and occupancy classifications for all types of buildings except those which are detached one and two family homes and townhouses not more than 3 stories high. New code sections have been added to the 2015 IBC that cover rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar panels and all the content in the book is developed in the context of the broad-based principles that facilitate the use of new materials and building designs. The updates to this code make it an essential reference guide for anyone seeking a strong working knowledge of building systems.

Changes in this edition include:

  • An automatic sprinkler system is required within a building when the roof is used for A-2 assembly occupancy with an occupant load exceeding 100 or for other assembly uses exceeding 300.
  • Carbon monoxide alarm provisions have been relocated, reformatted and revised.
  • More detailed scoping requirements for recreational facilities are included within the new Section 1110.
  • A modification allows egress through an elevator lobby when access to at least one exit is available without passing through the lobby.
  • Group E occupancies and emergency responder facilities located in "tornado alley" are required to have storm shelters. Storm shelters provided for other occupancies and in other areas of the country are voluntary. However, all storm shelters must comply with ICC 500.
  • A definition for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) was added to Chapter 2, and the ANSI/APA PRG 320-2011 product manufacturing standard is referenced in Chapter 23 and added to Chapter 35.
  • New code sections were added covering rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar panels.
  • "Vegetative roof" is defined in Section 202 to be consistent with the definition in the IgCC™ and ASTM D1079. A reference to ASTM E 2397 was added for determining soil loads on vegetative roofs.
  • Chapter 34 on existing buildings has been deleted and a reference to the IEBC replaces the chapter. All provisions previously in Chapter 34 may be found in the IEBC.


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2015 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings 

This comprehensive code for home building combines building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, energy, and electrical provisions into a single resource. The 2015 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL CODE FOR ONE- AND TWO- FAMILY DWELLINGS uses these provisions to provide detailed insight into the construction of one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories high. Using foundational principles that facilitate the use of new materials and building designs to guide the content, this reference guide also establishes minimum regulations using prescriptive provisions. This updated code includes information on common walls separating townhouses, remodeling of an existing basement, ramps that do not serve the required egress door, and carbon monoxide alarms.

Changes in this edition include:

  • Common walls separating townhouses must now be rated for 2 hours when an automatic fire sprinkler system is not installed.
  • Remodeling of an existing basement does not trigger the emergency escape and rescue opening requirements unless a new bedroom is created.
  • Ramps that do not serve the required egress door are not permitted to have a slope not greater than 1 unit vertical in 8 units horizontal.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms now require connection to the house wiring system with battery backup. A carbon monoxide alarm is required in bedrooms where there is a fuel-fired appliance in the bedroom or adjoining bathroom.
  • Revised lumber capacities have changed the span lengths for floor joists, ceiling joists and rafters in the prescriptive tables of the IRC.
  • New sections and tables provide prescriptive methods for posts, beams, joists and connections in deck construction.
  • The girder and header span tables of Chapter 5 have been moved into Chapter 6. Multi-ply and single header tables are combined. A new section describing rimn board headers is added.


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2015 International Existing Building Code 

Learn the requirements needed to instill safety and stability in existing and historic buildings - without requiring full compliance with the new construction requirements in the building code. The 2015 INTERNATIONAL EXISTING BUILDING CODE contains requirements intended to encourage the use and reuse of existing buildings by covering important topics such as repairs, alterations, additions, and changes of occupancy, making this an ideal addition to a user's code products. Chapter changes in this updated code include requirements related to the addition of sleeping units and dwelling units as they relate to the requirements for Accessible units, and Type A units and Type B units have been moved to Chapter 11 on Additions.

Changes in this edition include:

  • Climate-appropriate alternative added for building located in Tropical Zones.
  • In the residential providions, the inclusion of the Energy Rating Index Compliance Alternative as another compliance path adds more flexibility to the IECC.
  • Separate Chapters dealing with existing buildings were created in both IECC-Commercial and Residential Provisions


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2015 International Fire Code

Get up-to-date on the critical regulations governing the safeguarding of life and property from all types of fire and explosion hazards with the 2015 INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE. This 2015 IFC is the ultimate reference guide for addressing fire safety in both new and existing buildings. Using prescriptive- and performance- based approaches, this guide includes coverage of general precautions against fire, emergency planning and preparedness, fire department access, fire hydrants, automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and hazardous materials storage and use. This updated code edited sections like Section 910 which was heavily revised to address overall smoke removal and mechanical smoke removal requirements have been revised and clarified. A new Section 915 replaces and greatly expands upon former Section 908.7 on Carbon Monoxide detection and alarm requirements.

Included in this new edition:

  • Decorative material requirements were revised to be more comprehensive and provide more details for healthcare occupancies.
  • Section 910 was heavily revised to address overall smoke removal. Mechanical smoke removal requirements have been revised and clarified.
  • CO alarm requirements have been heavily revised to make the installation requirements clearer and relocated by F360-13. Educational occupancies were added as regulated occupancies.
  • Limited area sprinklers requirements were revised to be more comprehensive.
  • A new IFC (and IBC) Section 915 replaces and greatly expands upon former Section 908.7 on Carbon Monoxide detection and alarm requirements.


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8740PR18, 3400S18



2015 International Energy Conservation Code 

For the most current information on energy conservation code requirements, refer to the 2015 INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION CODE. The 2015 IECC fosters energy conservation through efficiency in envelope design, mechanical systems, lighting systems, and through the use of new materials and techniques. In the residential provisions, the inclusion of the Energy Rating Index Compliance Alternative as another compliance path adds more flexibility to the 2015 IECC. With this comprehensive and cutting edge coverage, it is a critical component of a user's code books.


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