Black & Decker Codes for Homeowners 4th Edition Current with 2018-2021 Codes - Electrical - Plumbing - Construction - Mechanical (Black & Decker Complete Guide)


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January 15, 2019
Bruce A. Barker
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The BLACK+DECKER Codes for Homeowners 4th Edition is a DIY-friendly guidebook to building codes that shows you just the information you need for the codes that actually impact today's homeowners. 

Get those home projects you've been putting off done—and up to code. All of the most common standards are addressed in this new edition of BLACK+DECKER Codes for Homeowners, including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction. This guidebook goes beyond simply reporting the codes, it interprets them for you and explains them clearly, with color photos and simple graphics. This 4th edition is current with the 2017 National Electrical Codes, 2018 Uniform Plumbing Codes, and 2018 International Residential Codes.

Written by national codes expert Bruce Barker and created under the supervision of BLACK+DECKER Corp., Codes for Homeowners does what no other code book accomplishes: it makes codes and building standards simple to understand and visualize, so you can be assured that your DIY projects are safe and will pass inspections.


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Building codes change; most do so on a three‑year cycle. Many code changes are little more than rewording or reorganization in an attempt to make code provisions easier to understand and easier to find. Many code changes and additions are substantive, and homeowners should be aware of these as they perform repairs and remodeling projects. Substantive additions and changes are the reasons for this updated edition of Codes for Homeowners.

stairway, renovations


Interior and exterior stairways are regulated closely by most codes because they are inherently very dangerous parts of a house. Many of the regulations deal with lighting issues, including the type and location of fixtures and switches.

windows, window safety,

Door and Window Hazards

You may have seen pictures of people severely cut when they fell or were pushed through doors and windows containing regular glass. Regular glass usually breaks into large pieces that can cause severe injury. Safety glass shatters into very small pieces that are less likely to cause severe cuts.

home structure, real estate

Structural Requirments

A safe and healthy building begins with a solidly built structure. The building’s foundation should rest on stable soil and should be strong enough to support the home during normal conditions as well as during disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. The building’s floors, walls, and roof should be secured to the foundation and to each other and should be strong enough to support the home during extreme conditions.

roofing, home renovation, diy, home codes

Shingle Roof-Covering Installation

When it comes to installing roof coverings, it can be a little hard to define where enforceable codes end and ordinary best practices begin. But it is safe to say that most codes contain guidelines for installing roof coverings that, if followed, will ensure a long-lasting roof that keeps moisture from penetrating your house.


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    No problems

    Fabian Z. | Feb 23rd 2020

    I receive very fast my book as always... Amazing service!

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    Wonderful book for do it yourself home owners.

    diylandlord2 | Feb 7th 2019

    It is a wonderful reference book if you like to do it yourself and you want to make sure your project meets the latest codes. I am building a staircase in one of my rental properties and I found the information I was searching for in the first couple pages of this book.