Guide To Metal Roofing

Guide To Metal Roofing

Posted by Handyman on Jan 27th 2019

Metal Roofing – Long Term Investment and Performance

As a general contractor we deal with roofing materials on a regular basis and homeowners are constantly asking for advice on roof selection, costs, and benefits. Here in the Northeast with an extreme climate shift from -20F in the winter to over 100F at times in the Summer it can be confusing for homeowners as to which roofing materials are best for their home.

ABC Metal Roofing a

American Building Components SL-16® Panel in Ivy Green

Metal Roofing Longevity

Probably the biggest advantage to metal roofing is the longevity compared to other roofing materials, especially vs asphalt shingles. Properly installed metal roofs have a life expectancy of 50+ years compared to 15-20 years on an asphalt roof. While the upfront costs are higher on the metal roofing the long term cost of ownership is much less. In addition, the painted finish on quality metal roofing outlasts the life span of shingles.

American Building Components Metal Roofing

American Building Components LokSeam® Panel in Galvalume

Metal Roofing Design Options

Another great advantage to metal roofing are all the design options. From different panel styles to a wide range of colors metal roofing allows homeowners and designers to create very unique architectural designs. In addition to installing entire roofs with metal roofing we often times suggest to our clients that they consider doing accent roofs with metal such as porches, overhangs, and even small outbuildings in their yard. Adding metal accent roofs can really create a dramatic aesthetic upgrade to any home.

ABC Metal Roofing Light Commercial

American Building Components Rustic Trail Panel

Metal Roofing – Speed of Installation & Retrofits

One of the benefits to choosing metal roofing for any project is the speed of installation. Metal roofing installation can be many times faster than shingle roofs. With panels ranging from 12″ to 36″ wide contractors can cover large areas quickly. This is especially advantageous in areas with the potential for bad weather which can limit the available time for installation. Metal roofing is also an excellent choice for retrofit work and re-roofing. In many situations metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof system without the costly need to remove the old roofing.

American Building Components Perma-Clad® Panel in Ivy Green

American Building Components Perma-Clad® Panel in Ivy Green

Preferred Product Manufacturer

As a contractor, one of the most important relationships I have is with quality product suppliers. Aligning with a manufacturer that has a long history in the industry backed by meaningful warranties is not only important but necessary to survive in the competitive construction industry. Over the years I’ve used several different metal roofing manufacturers and one of the veterans in the industry is American Building Components (ABC) who have been making metal roofing for over 100 years!

American Building Components offers a huge selection of hidden and exposed fastener metal roofing panels along with wall panels and other metal building components. They also offer a wide selection of colors and warranties to fit any project design and budget.