Kenya fighting for Nuclear Energy by 2027

Kenya fighting for Nuclear Energy by 2027

Posted by Handyman on Jan 27th 2019

Kenya is shrugging off logistical warnings and planning to commission its first nuclear power plant within eight years, according to a Standard Media story.

The quest is actually nearly nine years old. Kenyan officials first announced plans for a nuclear power plant in 2010. It also would be hugely expensive, at an estimated $5 billion or more in U.S. dollars, according to reports.

Siting and other issues, however, have brought up by experts from other nations.

The Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Nuclear Energy Board are already training personnel. If completed, the prospective 1,000 MW plant would help the nation reach its goal of 5,000 MW in installed capacity,

Kenya is joining other Africa nations in pursuing a course of high-powered and emissions-free nuclear energy, according to Standard Media. Click here for more on the report.